Sofía Fernández Díaz

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About Sofia

Sofia is an artist from Mexico City based in Oaxaca where she continues her search and experimentation with materials and artisanal techniques. She completed her studies in San Francisco and launched her career as an artist. 


The process of creation is the most important part of Sofia's work: experimenting with different materials like pigments, flour, wood, cloth and wax to emulate nature’s time-tested strategies. She keeps a dialogue with the natural world by allowing her pieces the intense interaction with nature, creating a register of the essence of a specific time and place. 


Color combination is the only factor in Sofia's work that passes through a control filter, but even for this, intuition plays an important role. Her most important rule is to let things flow and move as the context allows. Mistakes do not exist, they are merely unforeseen events to which she adapts and turns into successes.


Constantly surrounded by the cultural wealth of her roots, by its historical and artistic heritage, Sofia reflects the cultural identity and connects its past with the present. Artisanal art is the result of a dynamic triangle of interaction between nature, man and society, that has directly influenced her work. 

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