Andrés Anza 

Entrañas de la cerámica 

For the first time in  Mexico City, Andrés Anza (Monterrey 1991), presents his work, already well known in the north of the country for its peculiar texture of sharp points. Through his ceramic production, Andrés refers us to the organic and the natural as opposed to the traditional idea of ceramics as a cultural act. For this exhibition , Andrés baked a special series with textures  shown inside the pieces. In this exercise, Andrés invites us to look at his art from the bowels, referring to the search for meaning inside the pieces and resonating in the depths of our own unconscious.




Zona MACO Foto

María Luz Bravo 


Gallery Weekend México

Beatriz Morales

curated by Michel Blancsubé

Beatriz Morales (Mexico City, 1981), her painting works reconciles forms related to abstract expressionism with figurative components. Recurrent in his practice, the stain occupies a fundamental place in the work: in a liminal gesture of denial, which keeps intact the violence of the non-child, Morales initiates each of his paintings by a stain. Associated with a broad chromatic palette, the accident, work after work, is affirmed as the creative force of his compositions.

The exhibition will gather some fifteen works produced between 2014 and 2017. Some will be produced ex profeso for the exhibition.

Beatriz Morales has exhibited her work in Mexico and Europe over the last ten years and participates in the XVII Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial in 2016-2017.

Michel Blancsubé


Zona MACO 2018 / Nuevas propuestas

Beatriz Morales and Sofía Fernández Díaz


Espacios compartidos

Curated by Michel Blancsubé

february 8th - april 8th

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